Wholesale Cross Roller Slewing Bearing


Wholesale Cross Roller Slewing Bearings

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Cross roller slewing bearings whose rollers are arranged 90° with each other at intervals between inner and outer rings. They can withstand loads from all directions simultaneously (such as axial, radial, overturning moment, etc.). Due to the linear contact between the roller and the track surface, the elastic deformation of the bearing under heavy load is correspondingly tiny, and the stiffness is relatively high. At the same time, it has mounting holes and sealing accessories, or the inner ring or outer ring is provided with teeth to simplify the installation structure.

Crossed Roller Bearings mainly consist of an outer ring, an inner ring, a plurality of rollers, and a plurality of spacers. The roller lies between the inner ring and the outer ring. The spacer is placed between rollers to prevent mutual friction between rollers to decrease the torque resistance for rotation.

In addition, the surface of the roller and the rolling track is linear contact. So, when the bearing is loaded, the loading area will be very large. Thus, the elastic deformation will be less, and the bearing will achieve a long service life. Each roller in Crossed Roller Bearing is crossed at a 90° angle, which can simultaneously bear the loading force from axial, radial, and the other direction.

Slewing Bearing Features:

Slewing bearings have more features: Compact structure, reliable guide, simple installation, and easy maintenance.
Light series slewing bearings are generally available from stock, and mating pinions for the geared versions are also generally available.
Manufactured to AGMA Class Q5 quality and .005 to .015 inches allowance for backlash.

Slewing Bearing Advantages:

Fast delivery
Good quality and competitive price
Trial order accepted
ISO certified company
OEM and ODM accepted
High hardness processed
High precision processed
Good surface finishing

Slewing Bearing Specification:

(1) Model parameters of external gear crossed roller slewing bearings (2) Internal gear type cross roller slewing bearing model parameters

(3) Model parameters of gearless cross-roller slewing bearings