Light Slewing Bearing


Light Slewing Bearing

Light Slewing Bearing

Light slewing bearing mainly includes an outer ring, inner ring, grease accessories, water stop belt, gasket, load plug, and cone pin, which is characterized by: the inner ring and outer ring being L-shaped; The side surface of the ring being provided with a grease cup, and a steel ball assembly is integrated between the outer ring and the inner ring. The balls and spacers are installed via load plugs and taper pins to protect the balls from running. Each ball has an interval.

Light Slewing Bearing Application:

Slewing ring bearings can be widely used in lifting & transport machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port hoisting machinery, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore cranes, excavators, concrete machines, paper machines, plastic, and rubber machine, weave machines, steel plant, electronic power plant, wind power generator, other construction and industry machines or equipment, and other large rotary devices.
Slewing bearing is an important transmission component, it needs to carry out relative rotating motion between two or more objects. It can bear axial force, radial force, and overturning moment simultaneously. Widely used in the machinery industry, such as Marine equipment, engineering machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, and other industries.

Light Slewing Bearing Specification:

(1) Model and size parameters of external gear light slewing bearing

(2) Internal gear light slewing bearing model size parameters

(3) Model parameters of gearless light slewing bearing

For this reason, we recommend that customers do the following routine inspections: Regularly check the flexibility of the rotation; if noise and impact are found, you should immediately stop for inspection, remove the fault, and disassemble if necessary; Regularly check whether the gear has cracks; Regularly check the integrity of the seal. If the sealing belt is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time, and if it is found to fall off, it should be reset in time.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right slewing bearing for your application is crucial. Type, gap, and material are all crucial factors.

The ideal slewing bearing has excellent load capacity appropriate to its size and is easy to install. It also provides a high level of service life and ease of operation.

Special slewing seals between the inner and outer rings protect the rolling element, ball, or roller from debris and dust. This reduces maintenance costs and improves reliability.

Compared with standard slewing bearings, this series of slewing bearings are lighter and occupy less space. It is especially suitable for machines with limited space and weight.


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