Excavator Slewing Bearing

Excavator Slewing Bearing

The excavator slew bearing plays a crucial role in the machine’s performance. It enables the excavator to rotate and turn 360 degrees without changing its position. It can also handle a wide range of load combinations, including thrust, radial, and tilting moment loads.

The raceway on a slewing bearing can deform after a long period of use. This is a common issue that affects slewing bearings used in excavators and other heavy machinery. This can result in slewing bearing failure and a loss of productivity for an excavator.

Excavator slewing bearing is critical components in large-scale construction equipment, such as tractors and excavators. They can support heavy weights and complex loads, which makes them an important part of a range of applications from military to commercial machines.

The excavator slewing ring bearing is one of the essential parts in the excavator aftermarket; we provide the same quality products as OEM. Our excavator swing bearings have been sold to East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Europe. In addition to the ordinary rotary excavators that most companies can produce, we often develop new rotary rings for excavators based on old sample measurements.

Excavator Slewing Bearing Specification:

Product Name Excavator Slewing Bearing
Material  50Mn/42CrMo
Rolling Element  Internal Gear, External Gear, And No Gear
Certificate  ISO9001:2008, ABS, DNV, BV

Excavator Slewing Bearing Advantages:

1. We can supply various-size excavator slewing bearing.
2. Type: non-teeth, internal teeth, external teeth.
4.Diameter range:500mm—–6000mm, Weight range::75.8kg——–3000kg.
5. Design and manufacture according to customer needs, OEM bearing.
6. High-quality bearing, competitive price, prompt delivery, and best services.
7. Welcome to Other customized bearings, miniature bearings, auto bearings, excavator and crane bearings, and so on.

Maintenance of Excavator Slewing Bearing:

An excavator slewing bearing is the transmission element between two relatively rotating parts on the excavator. It can realize the slewing motion of the two parts, and also bear the axial load, radial load, and tilting moment of the excavator.

The slewing bearing has rolling elements, raceways, and spacers inside, which are separated by oil seals. The slewing bearing is easily damaged and failure occurs relatively frequently.

As an important component of an excavator, the slewing bearing needs to be maintained. It should be lubricated with heavy-duty grease at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer.

Slewing Bearing Application:

Slewing bearings are extensively applied in metallurgy, vessel, oil, chemistry, mining, coal, hydroelectric power, port machinery, heavy machinery, and aerospace or other fields.

Mine machines, port hoisting machines, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore cranes, excavators, concrete machines, paper machines, plastic and rubber machine, weave machines, steel plants, electronic power plants, wind power generators, other construction, and industry machines or equipment.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the leading slewing bearing suppliers, providing high-performance slewing bearing solutions for excavators. Because of the working environment of the excavator, like digging a stone, the excavator rotary bearing needs excellent quality, long service life, and good reliability, and the excavator rotary ring does not need to play a role. We work with you to better understand your needs for excavator slewing and help you complete your slewing bearing crane project on time. Feel free to contact us.

The excavator turning rings produced by our company have been provided to famous excavator manufacturers in China, including double-row ball turning bearings and single-row turning rings. Our rotary ring also provides excavator aftermarket accessories; models include Hitachi, Komatsu, Hyundai, Doosan, Kobelco, Volvo, Caterpillar – cat, JCB, Sany, Xugong, Liugong, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Yucheng, etc. And so on.

All sizes are the same as the original size; we can also measure the diameter according to the old sample provided by the customer. After several years of sales, our company’s excavator slewing and slewing bearing crane rings have occupied a large part of the aftermarket, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and so on. Etc.


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