Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing


Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing

Slewing bearing product-5.2

Double-row ball rotary bearings usually include rolling units of the same size and rolling units of different sizes. The heavy ball-bearing turntable is composed of two balls, which can bear large axial, radial, and overturning moments. It is widely used in mining equipment, large crawler cranes, and other heavy equipment. We are one of the professional manufacturers of double row rotary bearing, which has been assembled on many customers’ machines and has gained a high reputation among end users. We can help end users maximize the use of their machines and provide timely and effective after-sales service and technical support for ball-bearing swings.

Features of Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing:

  • For mid-to-heavy load applications

  • Suitable for vibration conditions

  • Require less demanding mounting structure

  • Provide a high load for a restricted installation space

  • Available in gearless, internally geared, and externally gear versions

  • Available in induction-hardened gears

  • Typical sizes range from 300mm-2000mm, with other sizes upon request.

  • Available with different corrosion protection coatings

  • Mating pinions are available for all slewing bearings.

Slewing Bearing Specification:

(1) Model and size parameters of external gear double-row ball slewing bearing

(2) Internal gear double-row ball slewing bearing model size parameters

TheĀ three row roller slewing bearing meets the requirements of small size and large load. However, when the eccentricity of the axial load is relatively small, the bearing capacity of the three-row slewing bearing is rich, and the cost is relatively high.