Low Noise Oil Casting Mc Nylon Star Wheel CNC

MC Nylon, monomer casting nylon, is a comprehensive industrial application engineering plastic used in almost every industrial field.
The caprolactam monomer is first melted, the catalyst is added and then poured into a mold under atmospheric pressure to form different castings, such as rods, plates, and tubes. The molecular weight of MC nylon can reach 70,000-100,000/mol, which is 3 times that of PA6/PA66. Its mechanical properties are much higher than other nylon materials, such as PA6/PA66. MC nylon plays an increasingly important role in the list of materials recommended in our country.
Based on MC nylon, a variety of additives are added to enhance the reaction process, such as lubricants, molybdenum disulfide, graphite glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc., to improve performance, improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance,
Self-lubricating, vibration-absorbing, sound-absorbing. At the same time, due to the mold’s relatively simple process and structure, it can be manufactured at a lower cost, making it an ideal substitute for bronze, stainless steel, babbitt, PTFE, etc.

Main Characteristics:

1. Good wear resistance
2. Good corrosion resistance
3. High self-lubrication
4. High vibration absorption
5. High sound absorption


1. Chemical Engineering
2. Electric/Electronic industry
3. Auto industry
4. Packing machine
5. Engineering machine
6. Pharmaceutical/equipment industry

How to choose a plastic rack

Plastic racks are an excellent choice for many applications. These racks are available in various materials and can be customized to suit your needs. The most common materials for these racks include carbon steel and stainless steel. These materials have many advantages over metallic materials and can also be cut to precise dimensions.
One of the most important factors to consider is the rebound. To avoid premature wear, the backlash of the rack should be below 0.5%. This can be determined by measuring the gear teeth and using a scale. If the gap is too large, a particular order may be required.
The elastic modulus of plastic gears is affected by several factors, including temperature, loading rate, humidity, and chemical exposure. A detailed analysis of these factors can help determine the right material for your rack. Choosing a dimensionally stable material is also essential, as this ensures that the gear maintains the tooth contact ratio, tip clearance, and overall geometry. Some plastics have different dimensional properties than others, and these must be considered at the design stage.
Another consideration is the shape of the rack. For example, a simple rectangular rack is not a very attractive option for motorcycles but can also be used in a work environment. Choosing the right shape is critical if you plan to use it in an industrial application. You should also consider application methods.


Q1. When can I get the price?

A: We usually quote within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry. If you are urgent, Please call us or let us know in your email so we can prioritize your inquiry.

Q2. How long is the lead time for the mold?

A: It all depends on the size and complexity of the mold. Usually, the delivery time is 25-35 days. If the mold is simple and insignificant, we can do it within 15 days.

Q3. I don’t have drawings; how should I start a new project?

A: You can provide us with samples, and we will help complete the drawing design.

Q4. How to ensure product quality before delivery?

A: If you do not come to our factory and there is no third-party inspection, We will be your inspector. We will give you a video with details of the production process, including process reports, product dimensions, structural and surface details, packaging details, etc.

As a plastic gear rack and plastic gear supplier, we always aim to provide the highest quality products and the most comprehensive services and look forward to cooperating with you.

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