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USA Market VSU2571 Slewing Ring Bearing 342*486*56mm Light Size And Thin Section 

Bearing Specification :

Model Number VSU2571
Part Name Slewing Ring Bearing
Brand FSK / KBE / SKB / OEM
Material Gcr15 Chrome Steel
Number of Row Single Row
Dimensions(mm)(d*D*b) 342*486*56mm
Weight / Mass ( KG ) 29kg
HS Code  8482800000
Original Country Show CHINA

Bearings Detailed Pictures:

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Our Advantage:

About FSK Factory Condition :

1.How can I get the bearing price?
Mike: You can leave your message on Alibaba, or conact us directly by email, , SkYPE, Viber. Tell us your quantity, usually 2-5 hours you will get the price.
2.How can I buy them?
Mike: You can place order on Alibaba, or pay the payment by Western Union, Paypal, T/T and L/C.
3. How long I can get these bearings?
Mike: for small order, we will delivery the bearings in 1-2 days after recive your payment. usually 3-5 days will arrive in your place by international express, such as DHL, TNT, UPS and so on. For big order, please contact us.
4.How to protect the bearing quality?
Mike: All procudts passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000 certificates. we can accept small sample order, you can check the quality.
5. Other service.
Mike: We can offer OEM service according to your demand.
FSK Bearing Company Advantages:
(1) We have first-class testing equipment to detect bearing various data parameters and control the quality of the bearing.
Whenever bearings must first detected whether the quality is qualified and the unqualified bearing will be eliminated directly.
So we can get the trust of a large number of customers, and supply them for several years.
(2) We have our own R & D capabilities, to help customers solve the problem of non-standard bearings.
We can also according to customer requirements change their own mark.
(3) Price, our manufacture ensure that our prices across China are quite competitive.
It is better for you to compare prices and quality among suppliers.
But everyone knows you can not buy the highest quality products with the lowest price,
but our product is the best quality if you use equal price.
FSK Cooperation Details
For Small weight or ungent ,we send by express UPS,DHL,FEDEX, or EMS,china post with Thracking number
For max production , we will ship by sea/air.
Payment Item:
TT, 30% deposit , 70% before shippment.
L/C At Sight
Paypal Or Western Union In advance
Trade Assurance
Payment Protection
Timely Delivery Guaranteed
Product Qualtity Protection



USA Market VSU2571 Slewing Ring Bearing 342*486*56mm Light Size And Thin Section   , Get Cheap Price from China Bearing Factory Now !


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Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Feature: High Speed, Vacuum, Antimagnetic, Cold-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant, Heat-Resistant
Sealing Gland: Non-Seal
US$ 0.5/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

slewing bearing

What is the Typical Lifespan of Slewing Bearings under Different Operating Conditions?

The lifespan of slewing bearings can vary based on different operating conditions and factors that influence wear and fatigue. Here’s a general overview of the typical lifespan under various scenarios:

  • Light Loads and Proper Lubrication:

When operating under light axial, radial, and moment loads and with consistent and proper lubrication, slewing bearings can often exceed 20,000 to 30,000 hours of service life.

  • Heavy Loads and Harsh Environments:

In heavy-duty applications where the bearings handle substantial loads, such as construction equipment or mining machinery, the lifespan might range from 10,000 to 20,000 hours. Harsh environments with dust, moisture, and corrosive substances can affect the bearing’s durability.

  • Corrosive Environments:

In environments with high levels of corrosion, such as marine applications, the lifespan of slewing bearings might be reduced due to the impact of corrosive elements on the bearing’s materials.

  • High-Speed Applications:

In applications requiring high rotational speeds, such as certain automation systems or machinery, the bearing’s lifespan might be affected due to increased friction and wear associated with higher speeds.

  • Poor Lubrication and Maintenance:

If proper lubrication and maintenance practices are neglected, the bearing’s lifespan can be significantly shortened. Insufficient lubrication leads to increased friction and wear, potentially reducing the lifespan by a considerable margin.

  • Shock and Impact Loads:

Applications subject to frequent shock and impact loads, like certain material handling equipment, can experience premature wear and fatigue, leading to a reduced lifespan.

  • Temperature Extremes:

Operating in extreme temperatures, whether high or low, can affect the performance of slewing bearings and potentially reduce their lifespan due to changes in material properties and lubrication effectiveness.

  • Customization and Quality:

The quality of the bearing, manufacturing processes, and the extent of customization also play a role. High-quality bearings designed for specific applications might offer longer lifespans.

  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations:

Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for the specific slewing bearing model. They provide valuable insights into maintenance intervals, lubrication, and expected service life.

It’s important to note that these are general estimates, and actual lifespans can vary depending on numerous factors. Regular maintenance, proper lubrication, adherence to guidelines, and consideration of operating conditions are essential for maximizing the lifespan of slewing bearings.

slewing bearing

What are the Signs of a Damaged or Worn-out Slewing Bearing that Requires Replacement?

Identifying the signs of a damaged or worn-out slewing bearing is essential for preventing potential failures and ensuring equipment reliability. Here are common indicators that a slewing bearing may require replacement:

  • Unusual Noise:

If you notice grinding, clicking, or any abnormal noises during operation, it could be a sign of wear or misalignment in the slewing bearing.

  • Increased Vibration:

Excessive vibration or shaking during rotation could indicate misalignment, damage, or uneven wear in the slewing bearing.

  • Irregular Movement:

If the machinery exhibits irregular or jerky movement instead of smooth rotation, it might be due to a damaged slewing bearing.

  • Uneven Load Distribution:

Uneven distribution of loads can lead to accelerated wear on specific sections of the bearing, causing premature failure.

  • Abnormal Heat Generation:

If the slewing bearing becomes excessively hot during operation, it may suggest friction, misalignment, or lack of proper lubrication.

  • Excessive Play or Clearance:

Too much axial or radial play in the bearing can indicate wear, misalignment, or component fatigue, requiring inspection and potential replacement.

  • Leakage of Lubricant:

If lubricant leaks from the bearing or seals, it may signify damage to the sealing mechanism or an internal issue that needs attention.

  • Visible Wear or Damage:

Inspect the bearing for visible signs of wear, corrosion, pitting, or other forms of damage. Cracks, dents, or deformation are clear indicators of potential problems.

  • Reduced Performance:

If the machinery’s performance deteriorates, such as decreased rotation speed, reduced load capacity, or increased power consumption, it could be due to a failing slewing bearing.

  • Increased Maintenance Frequency:

If you find yourself needing to perform more frequent maintenance or repairs on the bearing, it might indicate that the bearing is nearing the end of its service life.

  • Manufacturer’s Service Life:

Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for the expected service life of the slewing bearing. If the bearing is approaching this limit, it’s advisable to consider replacement.

If any of these signs are observed, it’s important to consult with experts and consider replacing the slewing bearing to prevent further damage and ensure the safe and efficient operation of machinery.

slewing bearing

What are the Main Applications of Slewing Bearings?

Slewing bearings find wide applications across various industries due to their ability to handle complex loads and facilitate rotational movement. Some of the main applications of slewing bearings include:

  • Construction Machinery: Slewing bearings are essential components in construction equipment such as excavators, cranes, concrete pumps, and drilling rigs. They enable smooth rotation and movement, supporting heavy loads and dynamic forces.
  • Wind Turbines: In wind energy systems, slewing bearings are used to orient the rotor blades and nacelle to capture maximum wind energy. Their durability and load-bearing capacity make them crucial for efficient wind turbine operation.
  • Mining Equipment: Slewing bearings are used in mining machinery like stacker-reclaimers and conveyor systems. They enable the movement of large loads, contributing to efficient material handling and processing.
  • Marine Applications: Slewing bearings are employed in ship cranes, davits, and other marine equipment. They assist in cargo handling, ship maintenance, and various onboard operations.
  • Aerial Work Platforms: Slewing bearings are integral to aerial platforms and access equipment. They enable controlled and safe movement for workers at elevated heights.
  • Robotics and Automation: Slewing bearings play a role in industrial robots and automation systems. They facilitate precise and controlled rotational movement in manufacturing processes.
  • Medical Equipment: Some medical imaging equipment, such as CT scanners and MRI machines, use slewing bearings for rotational movement, contributing to accurate diagnostics.
  • Defence and Aerospace: Slewing bearings are employed in defense equipment like radar systems and missile launchers, as well as in aerospace applications like aircraft landing gear.

These are just a few examples of the many applications of slewing bearings across different industries. Their ability to handle diverse loads and rotational movements makes them versatile components in various machinery and equipment.

China best USA Market VSU200414 Slewing Ring Bearing 342*486*56mm Light Size and Thin Section   double row ball bearingChina best USA Market VSU200414 Slewing Ring Bearing 342*486*56mm Light Size and Thin Section   double row ball bearing
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