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What Is A Slewing Bearing?

Slewing bearings have a few different names, including turntable bearings, slewing rings and slewing rings.

The purpose of slewing bearings is to enable rotational motion between different components in a system (Ritbearing). That motion can be radial, axial or tilting.


Slewing Bearing Introduction

Slewing bearings can be made of a variety of rigid materials such as carbon steel, chrome steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic and/or anodized aluminum. They can range in diameter from a few inches to over three metres wide. They are usually used for heavy loads (up to just over 2.5 tonnes of static load capacity) on slow applications.

Slewing bearing Application are quite varied. They include wind power, packaging machinery, robotics, cranes, drilling and mining as well as satellite equipment.

Slewing Bearing Assembly

Before Slewing Bearing Assembly 

– Check the mounting surface of the main piece of machinery

– Ensure all supporting parts have sufficient strength

– The connecting surface should be machined

– The surface also must be smooth without burrs

During Slewing Bearing


– Test radial positioning

– Tighten all mounting bolts 

– Check bearing rotation

– Any paint that is damaged during installation must be repaired. Failure in doing so could result in corrosion issues.

After Slewing Bearing


– Ensure the pre-tightening torque of the mounting bolts meets the requirements

– Ensure the proper amount and type of grease/lubricant is used 

– Slew bearings require the raceway to be lubricated

Slewing Bearing Gear Types

External Gear Slewing Bearing

– External gear rotary bearing is a kind of large size bearing, which can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time.

These rotary bearings are used in a wide variety of applications such as truck cranes, railway cranes, port cranes, Marine cranes, metallurgical cranes, container cranes, excavators, filling machines and CT standing wave therapy equipment.

Tower Crane Slewing Bearing

-Slewing bearing crane is an essential part of lifting machinery, it is responsible for the transmission of axial load, radial load and tilt moment. Failure of this vital bearing could result in catastrophic operational failure.

Large diameter slewing bearing is used for all types of lifting equipment, handling a combination of thrust, radial and inclined moment loads. Maintenance is key to keeping these bearings running efficiently.

Double Row Slewing Bearing 

– Double row slewing bearings are mainly used in wind power electrical equipment, concrete transport pump trucks and other applications that require high radial load capacity and high starting friction torque.

The compact structure of this bearing saves the center diameter of the inner and outer ring mounting holes and improves the bearing capacity.

Excavator Slewing Bearing

The Slewing Bearing On An Excavator

Excavator slewing bearing is a transmission element between two relative rotating parts on the excavator. It can realize two parts of the rotary movement, but also can withstand the excavator’s axial load, radial load and tilt moment.

Slewing Bearing Application


  • Construction – supports heavy loads for slow applications and large equipment (as in construction cranes)
  • Industrial – Mining, Steel, Agriculture, Oil & Gas
  • Robotics equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Medical applications
  • Aerospace & Defense
Reliability of Excavator Slew Bearing

Slewing bearing of excavator is one of the most important parts in large construction equipment. When it breaks down or stops working normally, it will greatly affect the production efficiency and operation of the site.

Reliable Slew bearings enable heavy machinery to operate safely and efficiently even in harsh conditions. This can also reduce operational downtime and help reduce costs.

In addition, a reliable slewing bearing can help keep workers safe from injury or damage to their bodies. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that your slewing bearings are reliable.

Excavator Slewing Bearing Repair

Inside the rotary bearing are rolling elements, raceways and gaskets, which are separated by oil seals. Rotary bearing is easy to damage, failure occurs relatively frequently.

Rotary bearing, as an important part of excavator, needs to be maintained. Heavy grease should be used regularly for lubrication as recommended by the manufacturer.

It should be re-lubricated every 8 hours on excavators rotating at low speeds, and more often on fast or continuously rotating equipment such as backhoes and boring machines. This job requires a manual grease gun. If not done properly, rotary bearings may suffer local oil leakage or permanent oil seal failure. It can also cause unusual noise.

Slewing bearing replacement is an important part of the maintenance and repair process for large, heavy-duty construction equipment. When the slewing bearing stops performing as it should, it can significantly impact productivity and operations.Sled ring bearings are integral to the power and performance of cranes, excavators, and other heavy-duty machines. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions and high loads. However, wear and deterioration can cause them to fail.

Single row ball slewing bearing is a type of rolling-element slewing bearing used in various industrial applications. Its symmetrical geometric structure is designed to withstand axial, radial and tilt moment loads. It is a common and versatile type of bearing that is also often used in conjunction with gears for slewing.

A slewing bearing driver is a transmission that transmits axial, radial and inclined torque loads using slewing rings. It can be used in applications that require both load and rotary torque strength, such as cranes, loading trucks, agricultural machinery, and many other types of equipment.Slewing bearing drivers can be designed with a wide range of functions and features. Depending on the application, some options can include electric and planetary transmissions, hydraulic drive or a combination of both.


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